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Consulting work provided by HCL

A summary of the Consulting work provided by HCL

Our core work is as consultants to the Legal Profession. We build upon Ingemar’s experience as a solicitors for over 24 years. During that time he worked as a Fee Earner, Team Leader, Equity Partner for 14 years, a Member of the Board, Head of a department of 60 litigators. He took the department through major change programmes: organisational to adapt to changing commercial and regualtory changes, bringing in a Document Management System and later a Practice Management System across the entire firm, being the business lead along with the IT Manager, across 4 offices and 8 practice areas. HCL has worked with around 300 firms so far.

Consulting by it’s nature tends to tailored around the needs of the firm. We would hold a no obligation free discussion with you to scope out what was needed and to ensure there was a good fit between us. We would then agree the scope and terms before we commence the work. Some of the areas covered are:

  • Work on Profit Improvement – this could be with using your reporting better to staff management to Process Improvement
  • Strategy – talking through with you and guiding you in the growth and development of the firm
  • Support whilst you are going through change – whether that be succession planning or a major project
  • Putting in place and maintaining a good regular staff review system (eg, monthly leading to annual appraisals and Personal Development Plans)
  • Mentoring of senior staff
  • Looking at usage of your current Case or Practice Management or other Systems and working with you to get more from the investment

Please contact Ingemar to talk through what you have in mind: ingemar@hunningsconsultancy.co.uk or 07887 524507

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