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Training on the LEAP Case Management System for Law Firms

A summary of the training and consulting work we do for law firms and in-house legal departments using the LEAP Case Management System. This can be done on site or remotely.

I thought It’s about time that we wrote a case study on the work that we do installing and training on the LEAP Case Management System.

We are not involved in the sales process in the work that we do with LEAP. They bring us in to manage and deliver the project for installation and training. Basically, we take the client company/firm from the point after they have bought the LEAP Case Management System (CMS) to having it installed and the staff proficiently using it. (We can also help with extra training and document work.)

So, what happens in a typical LEAP project?

  1. We will be requested to assist with the project and will then hold an introductory conversation with the project lead at the client firm, explaining our role, mapping out the project, checking the client firm’s understanding, discussing hardware and software requirements and planning and scheduling the on-site days for installation & training. If there is data to be converted from a legacy system, then we will co-ordinate this as well. This will be followed up with a detailed Project Planning email.
  1. The next period will run from this conversation until the days scheduled for us on-site. During this time, we should receive from the client firm the documents requested of them in preparation for our on-site attendance. We will chase, answer questions and advise in order to assist our clients through the preparation stage and to make sure it all happens as planned.
  1. When we arrive on site there are two stages. Firstly, we will do whatever installation is necessary on workstations, resolving whatever issues arise (hopefully none if the preparation by the client firm has been good). If we cannot resolve them we can call upon the LEAP Support team to assist remotely. Secondly, we will train the staff on how to use the system. This will involve interactive training on how to use all aspects of the system to allow the staff to run their matters. Also, we train on the bookkeeping aspects and how to manage the background data file for their firm’s profile (such things as managing the staff profiles, activity codes, Legal Aid settings where relevant etc).
  1. A few weeks later, after the firm has had a chance to get on with using their new CMS, we hold a Q&A Follow Up Training session remotely with the client firm to answer issues and provide additional or reminder training to ensure they can get the most out of their investment.

We hope that we can retain an ongoing relationship with firms we have helped through this project and are often contracted to come back into client firms to help further either with training and optimising use of the LEAP Case Management System or indeed to assist with other practice matters.

Should you enquire please ring Ingemar on 07887 524 507 or email on ingemar@hunningsconsultancy.co.uk

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