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Number of trees planted so far:


Target: 4,000 trees

We've calculated that one would need to plant 1,576 trees (which live for 100 years each) to offset the carbon footprint for a person in the UK (living to 90). [The maths is below based on our research.] So our aim is to plant trees to offset the carbon footprint for Ingemar & Brenda, our shareholders, and the rest for for the carbon footprint of the people & consultants, for their time working in the business. Above is our counter, which we will endeavour to keep up to date on a periodic basis.


Here's a link to a video of Ingemar, interviewed when planting trees in Kettering, November 2021. Then the tree nursery in summer 2002.

Our Challenge:

For other businesses also to put in place steps to offset, mitigate and reduce their carbon footprint.

If you'd like help in calculating your carbon footprint then give us a shout. Fill in the form below.

(While you're here, feel free to check out the rest of our website for the main work that we do.)

The Maths:

Our research is that 12.7 tonnes of carbon are produced by each UK person a year.

725kg of carbon are captured by a tree living 100 years.

If someone lives for 90 years that's 1.143m tonnes of carbon in a lifetime.

Divide 1.143m tonnes by 725 = 1,576

That's 17.5 trees a year.

A helpful website to calculate the carbon flight emissions

As many of you will know, Ingemar is passionate about environmental issues and in particular planting trees. To celebrate HCL’s 10th anniversary, we have partnered with Treekly to plant a forest of mangrove trees in Mteza Creek, Kenya. We have set up our own Treekly Community Group, and have already planted over 1,000 trees. We would love you to join us in this adventure. We’re funding 1 tree for each of you that takes part. Here’s the link for info. You’ll need to download the ‘Treekly’ app to your mobile, create an account AND link to it a step counter on your mobile. The code is: HUNNINGS (you don’t need a password).

Treekly plant trees in areas previously devastated by deforestation. To help break the poverty cycle, local communities are paid to plant and protect the trees, with blockchain technology and sensors used to ensure the long-term defensibility of all reforestation projects. Via the Treekly app, users join a steps leaderboard and for walking 5000+ steps per day, trees are planted on their behalf. The app is free to download to your mobile. In addition to the first tree that we have funded for you, you’ll also earn another each month when completing 5000+ steps on 20 separate days. Great for our health and great for the planet!

Charities we're using & supporting:

We are using our own resources to plant trees, but also working with some charities (see below). If you know of someone with land who's willing to have trees planted on their land or of land available for planting in any way then - let us know!

To plant our trees:

Creating Tomorrow's Forests - we plant 4 a month in the UK via them: Creating Tomorrows Forests

Ecoligi - click on this link and if you sign up to one of their payment plans they will plant 30 trees for both you and us as a welcome. We plant 8 a month via them outside of the UK.

Eden Reforestation Projects - planting trees around the world, described as the gold standard.

Treekly - this is an app created by a team in Norfolk. It goes on your phone. You can link it to your apple health or fitbit. It records your steps and plants trees when you hit a target. It is very inexpensive. It has a business version which allows you to create teams for them to compete against each other. Helps with your ESG & your staff to feel good about contributing. For example one could pay £5 a month and they will plant a mangrove tree in 1 of 6 locations in the 3rd world for every day you walk 5,000 steps. Here's the link:

Flora App: an app that encourages you & your friends to stay off your smart phone & plants trees when you hit those goals!

General info & support:

Woodland Trust - Ingemar has been a member since the 1980s. This is the premier woodland charity in the UK.

We've started to use the Ecosia search engine. They say that for every 45 or so searches they will plant a tree. Below are a couple of links for you to use with no guarentee from us that they are safe. Also watch out because the first one, which we used to download, encouraged us to also first download a virus checker. Not the one we use, so we didn't do that.

Download the Ecosia search engine for Windows:

Download the Ecosia search engine for Chrome. They'll plant 1 tree for every 50 searches:

Report on volume of carbon stored in trees - first time accurately measured by 3d scanning trees - 1st published 19th December 2022:

Other things we do

Our work in general in many aspects helps other firms produce less carbon. A significant part of our work is assisting law firms in moving to cloud based systems. This helps them move away from printing paper. It also facilitates remote working - thus saving travel.

"We at Spires Legal wholeheartedly recommend Ingemar and his team at Hunnings Consultancy Ltd. Ingemar has supported us throughout our journey from new start up to established firm. It is refreshing to have a consultant that takes the time to understand your business and its priorities, stands by your side as it develops and is flexible in approach as your needs change.
The feedback we have from our team, and which we regularly hear from others is that Ingemar is an insightful and knowledgeable trainer who is comprehensive yet engaging in his approach. Still unsure? Five minutes on the phone with Ingemar and you will be sold on how much value he can add to your business!"

Arj Arul - Director at Spires Legal

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