SQE2 Exemptions - SRA Guidance on completing section 8

SQE2 Exemptions - SRA Guidance on completing section 8

There has been quite some confusion on this. We have sought clarification from the SRA and have published below the guidance they have given us. An application for exemption from the SQE2 exam is open to those who are already qualified as lawyers. This could be outside the English & Welsh jurisdiction (often referred to […]

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Where May I Sit the SQE Exams?

The SRA uses the Pearson VUE centres in the UK and overseas for people to sit the SQE1 and the written part of the SQE2 exams. You book them through your 'mySRA' account or profile on the SRA website. The oral part of the SQE2 exam currently (2023) has to be sat in person at […]

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Sanctions Compliance Inspections by the SRA on their way  

The SRA have written: “There will now be a programme of on-site inspections and desk-based reviews to assess firms’ sanctions risk exposure and how they are mitigating their risk.” Remember that they have gathered responses from all firms they regulate on how they comply. Now they will check. We have anticipated this and have in […]

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Advice on BCC in Emails - Avoid Data Breach

Useful guidance below to avoid data breach by mistakes using BCC in emails. One of the most common data breaches is user error! Should you suffer a data breach each out to use. We provide a lot of Data Protection & GDPR support: https://www.hunningsconsultancy.co.uk/gdpr-support/ "Failure to use BCC correctly in emails is one of the […]

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Computer Spec for using the LEAP case management system

LEAP have issued a new, updated spec sheet (they call it System Requirements) on 31st July 2023. Here is a link for easy access. For assistance with using your LEAP: Here is a link We have worked with LEAP since 2015 as implementation consultants, implementing into hundreds of businesses in the UK & abroad. In […]

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Your Firm’s Diversity Data - Where & how should you publish this according to the SRA?

Law firms regulated by the SRA must publish their diversity data. Here is a link to guidance from the SRA on where and how this should be done: https://www.sra.org.uk/solicitors/resources/diversity-toolkit/your-data/ This was guidance was updated in June 2023.

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SRA Audit or Inspection on AML - help & Assistance

The SRA a very active in carrying out AML Audits. We help firms navigate their way through such an audit and then with any work the SRA ask them to do to comply. In addition we can assist with carrying out an Independent AML audit after a few months to check the actual implementation & […]

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POCA Guidance from the SRA 26th June 2023

This guidance on the Proceeds of Crime Act applies to all people and firms regulated by the SRA, whether or not they fall within AML scope. The SRA have given notice that they will have regard to this guidance when exercising it's regulatory functions. The guidance has been issued to help people understand the SRA's […]

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Verifying your mySRA account - 2 factor authentication from 12th June 2023

From 12 June, the SRA are introducing an additional verification step to make your mySRA account more secure. This means when you log in you will need to register a phone number. You will then need to have this phone with you every time you log in to mySRA and use a text message code […]

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QWE Confirmation on the SRA website - The Process

We thought it would be helpful to write a post explaining the actual process, with images, of how a solicitor actually does the confirmation of the QWE on the SRA website - as a resource for solicitors and also for Aspiring Solicitors who want to know. The actual process is quite simple. It remains so […]

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