Cyber Security Breaches Survey - annual review from the UK Government

Cyber Security Breaches Survey - annual review from the UK Government

On 24th March 2021 the UK Government published it's annual survey of UK businesses, charities and education institutions as part of the National Cyber Security Programme. The findings help these organisations to understand the nature and significance of the cyber security threats they face, and what others are doing to stay secure. It is an […]

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The Fees Pyramid

                  Current                                                                          The Goal I could stop with the diagram and invite […]

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Anti-Money Laundering Guidance for the Legal Sector issued by the Law Society

There is a lot of information in this guidance. It is pretty comprehensive. We do not seek to reproduce it all here but just to highlight the main principles and offer some assistance. There is a link at the end to the full guidance. They state quite openly that following this guidance will not be […]

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SQE - Exams Dates

The SRA have published the dates for the SQE exams. You will need to register with Kaplan by the deadline to obtain your candidate number and pay your fee to be able to sit each exam. SQE1 & SQE2 written exam will take place at Pearson VUE test centres in the UK and internationally. The […]

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SQE Training Providers

(N.B. Remember there is also a £3,980 cost of taking SQE1 and 2 exams themselves.) We have been asked by several Aspiring Solicitors where they can find a list of providers of training for the SQE. So, we have done a bit of spade work to bring together in this blog what we can find. […]

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AML Reviews of Law Firms by the SRA - published conclusions

We are honoured to have been invited to attend an AML Roundtable meeting called by the SRA where they intend to discuss their findings from the first 74 firm AML audits that they have carried out (Sept 2019 to Oct 2020). They learned that there were a number of consultants assisting firms to be compliant. […]

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Family Lawyers: Changes to the Family Procedure Rules - Update 1 (2021)

We have spotted the following release. The changes largely seem to to reflect the change in practice brought about by the pandemic: allowing for electronic signature, removing the need for certain things to be read aloud in open court and specifically extending the end of some Covid measures from the end of March to the […]

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Draft Adequacy Decision by EU Commission

The importance of Adequacy The EU Commission on 19th February 2021 published a draft adequacy decision in favour of the United Kingdom. This is good news and whilst not a final decision is bodes well for UK businesses who trade in the EU. Following the UK’s exit from the European Union and the end of […]

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Litigation: Changes to the CPR 6.4.21: Overriding Objective, Service, Part 36 Offers, Foreign Judgments

Practice Direction Update 127 publicised by the MOJ on 11th Feb and coming into force on 6th April 2021. There are changes to: the Overriding Objective (emphasising that dealing with a case 'justly' includes facilitating vulnerable people to be able to give their best evidence and making the costs of doing so recoverable); service of […]

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SRA Guidance - declaring yourself a Tax Adviser if you advise on Stamp Duty

This has been missed by many solicitors. As part of our service to our clients taking our Office Procedures Manual Service, we questioned this with the SRA and have obtained clear guidance in a letter from the SRA. Below is the note issued by the SRA on 5th January. We do not think they will […]

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"A huge thank you to Ingemar and Brenda at Hunnings Consultancy who have provided clear, precise and excellent training in installing Leap as our new case management system. You have provided an excellent service throughout and have always gone over and beyond to help us, making this transition a smooth process."

Vas Constantinou – Partner at Tyrer Roxburgh

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