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There is just so much regulation that falls on your shoulders when trying to run a legal practice! Keeping up to date and then ensuring that policies and procedures are updated in good time is difficult and a constant worry. We not only provide you with an Office Procedures Manual (OPM) that is up to date and Lexcel, CQS & SQM compliant but will keep it and you up to date through our subscription service - which also spreads the cost through monthly or quarterly payments.

The SRA is saying that they are tightening up their inspection regime!

We will provide you with an up to date OPM, keep it up to date for you with regular bulletins. The manual will be customised to your practice from information you give us. Gives you peace of mind and a chance to get on with fee earning!

This is a subscription service with an annual charge payable by monthly direct debit. You could choose to pay all at once or quarterly. )See below for prices. It is based upon the documents sent to us. It includes:

What we will do


  1. A new up to date OPM, if you do not have one, or revision required is so extensive that it makes more sense to start a fresh - the OPM is editable
  2. Ensure the OPM is customised to your firm - based on data we collect from you
  3. Provide you with a Practice-Wide Risk Assessment (as required by the SRA) - based on data we collect from you
  4. Provide you with a quarterly compliance bulletin to keep you up to date on changes in compliance requirements

All work is carried out remotely. Unless by separate arrangements. 

(Please note - our OPM, which is Lexcel, CQS & SQM compliant, is the result of many days work to compile and then keep it up to date. It has been reviewed by independent auditors many times during accreditation audits. It is by nature generic. We initially carry out a certain amount of high level customisation to your firm based upon information we gather from you at the start of our work with you on the OPM. It will, thereafter, be up to you to make the detailed adaptations to the policies & procedures to match the specifics in your firm now and as time goes along.)

Our Charges

Office Procedures Manual 1 Fee-Earner - subscription price£720£60
Office Procedures Manual 2 to 10 fee earners - subscription price£996£83
Office Procedures Manual 11 to 50 fee earners - subscription price£1500£125
Office Procedures Manual over 50 fee earners - subscription price£1,992£166
Each Additional Office£300£25
  • Prices quoted are net of VAT which will be charged on top.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss our other services – for example the webinar on How LEAP can help with your Compliance. Also ask if you have unusual requirements and we can talk about bespoked services. (For example we created a bespoked OPM for a firm specialising in international banking transactions - not your normal legal practice by any stretch of the imagination!)

"We at Spires Legal wholeheartedly recommend Ingemar and his team at Hunnings Consultancy Ltd. Ingemar has supported us throughout our journey from new start up to established firm. It is refreshing to have a consultant that takes the time to understand your business and its priorities, stands by your side as it develops and is flexible in approach as your needs change.
The feedback we have from our team, and which we regularly hear from others is that Ingemar is an insightful and knowledgeable trainer who is comprehensive yet engaging in his approach. Still unsure? Five minutes on the phone with Ingemar and you will be sold on how much value he can add to your business!"

Arj Arul - Director at Spires Legal

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