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Conveyancing – Safe Harbour Standard – Client ID

This was published on 17th November by the Land Registry. The aim is to promote the development of easy to use, modestly priced, remote and digitally secure options for conveyancers to use with their clients.

To reach ‘safe harbour’, the client must hold a form of evidence that can be checked by interrogating cryptographic security features within the evidence. Conveyancers must check that the evidence is genuine. The conveyancer must make sure the biometric information captured from a ‘liveness check’ matches biometric information in the chip within the evidence.

Conveyancers representing a transferor, borrower or lessor must connect the client to the property by obtaining two examples from a set list of evidence, and check that the name and address matches the identity.

The standard is not compulsory and other means of identifying parties to a transaction can be used. However, Land Registry says it will not seek recourse for negligence if a conveyancer carries out all the requirements under the standard.

Here is a link to it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PaWBrL8-GX6UawfFSD5Ygte7wW3WJY73ZR8F5uzGdqQ/edit#heading=h.lq98zpg4prt5

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