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External QWE Certification Service

How HCL can provide external remote monitoring and sign-off of the Trainee's Qualifying Work Experience - the method from September 2021 for people to qualify as a solicitor

From September 2021 people wanting to qualify as a solicitor will need to do so through the SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Exam). Click here for a link for more information.

The trainee must be able to show at least 2 years Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) of legal services. This will have to be signed off by a solicitor, but this does not have to be a training partner in a law firm. So, it gives the opportunity for this to be outsourced should you wish.

The experience may be obtained in up to 4 different organisations – so summer placements can count, as can work in an advice centre. Time spent before the SQE, so long as it has been monitored and a solicitor can vouch for it.

We offer to provide the remote monthly review & monitoring through our principal consultant, Ingemar Hunnings, SRA No. 156976 –

  1. either direct to the Trainee OR
  2. on behalf of the Business or Law Firm

This is a recurring fee to be paid by standing order.

Click here to download pdf of this page.

What we will do

A remote monthly review of the QWE record completed by the trainee, budgeting about half an hour with the trainee, review of their work and then liaising where appropriate with their supervisor in the organisation. The trainee will need to submit electronically to use their completed QWE record at least 2 full working days before then scheduled appointment. They will receive a signed off copy each month after the review.

Our Charges

£100/mth + VAT

(Based on half an hour review time)

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