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QWE - External Certification Service

How HCL can provide external remote monitoring and sign-off of the Trainee's Qualifying Work Experience - the method from September 2021 for people to qualify as a solicitor

From September 2021 people wanting to qualify as a solicitor will need to do so through the SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Exam). Click here for a link for more information.

The aspiring solicitor must be able to show at least 2 years FTE Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) of legal services. This will have to be signed off by a solicitor authorised by the SRA, but this does not have to be a training partner in a law firm. So, it gives the opportunity for this to be outsourced should you wish. It may be there wasn’t a solicitor or maybe not one authorised by the SRA for England & Wales. We can help.

The QWE may be obtained in up to 4 different organisations – so summer placements can count, as can work in an advice centre. Time spent before the SQE may count, so long as it has been monitored and a solicitor can vouch for it. So, even if you get a traditional training contract in the future, you may shorten it by the amount of accredited QWE you already have in the bank.

We offer to provide the remote monthly review & monitoring through our principal consultant, Ingemar Hunnings, SRA No. 156976 –

  1. either direct to the Aspiring Solicitor OR
  2. on behalf of the Business or Law Firm

Our Charges

£200/hr + VAT  (Normally there is more time involved initially to catch up on past experience and whilst you get the hang of this. Therafter half an hour a month is normally sufficent.)
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