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Implementation of New Practice/Case Management System – Proclaim (eclipse)


The firm decided to move it’s operating system from it’s existing case management system (which I had helped to implement  in 2006-8) to a different case management system. I worked closely with the IT manager, providing the link between the users and the developer during this project. The platform (Proclaim) was the market leader. (2013/14)


Project Summary

  •  Assisting the IT manager with the design of the project structure and tools for managing the project
  • Liaising with users (8 departments + management) and the IT developers (in house and at eclipse) both with regard to operational departments and with company-wide elements, such as quality, Anti-Money Laundering etc
  • Review of the structure/architecture of the Case Management System, including screens, hierarchy of data and reporting structure. Designing, defining and testing improvements.
  • Mapping data in prep for the data import
  • Testing of the system – for correct data import, merge fields operating correctly
  • Mapping process
  • Analysing, refining and improving processes
  • Review of screens and redesigning where appropriate
  • Testing linked actions, correcting and retesting
  • Drafting and amending precedents, including defining (not writing) code to improve efficiency with text options and merge fields – with detailed instructions to eclipse
  • Design of a CRM (Client Relationship Management) system
  • Training of staff – initially the testers, then staff on rollout
  • Encouraging, cajoling and making things happen.
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