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Launching our new DPO Service

DPO Service:

We are pleased to be able to announce that we are launching this new service for our clients. https://www.hunningsconsultancy.co.uk/dpo-service-data-protection-officer/ This is another element of our Business Support for Law Firms & Other Businesses. Having a Data Protection Officer for your company is are requirement where you a public body or you handle large amounts of personal data. Examples might be: recruitment companies, call centres, GP surgeries, security companies (eg CCTV footage). Even if the appointment of a DPO is not mandatory under GDPR, the ICO still recommends the appointment of a DPO, or , if you decide not to do so, then a note be made to record the decision and reason. Having a DPO demonstrates your commitment to protecting personal data.

How can we help? Advice & assistance. You may appoint someone outside your organisation. That saves you putting them on the payroll. It allows you to buy the time you need. It frees up a senior staff member to work on other issues. It also means that you have someone independent who is an expert and may state bluntly what needs to be done without fear of how it might affect their prospects in the organisation.  We can also help you when and if you receive a Subject Access Request.

How can we help?

If you would like to discuss our Data Protection Officer services or indeed any issues relating to data protection, please email us at compliance@hunningsconsultancy.co.uk or call 07887 524507.

Here is a link to a summary of our DPO Service: https://www.hunningsconsultancy.co.uk/dpo-service-data-protection-officer/

Here is a link to an article on who has to have a DPO, their role and responsibilities and the source legislation: https://www.hunningsconsultancy.co.uk/what-does-a-dpo-do-who-needs-one/

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