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The DOs and DON’Ts of choosing a Practice Management System

  •         Don’t try to “rebuild” your existing system in your new system
  •         Do look at how the new solutions can benefit your business processes
  •         Don’t just go for what others are choosing
  •         Do look at what is not working now and why
  •         Don’t just listen to the loudest voice in the firm
  •         Do check where the data is held
  •         Don’t be driven by short term goals – on average firms change their PMS every 13 years
  •         Do think how your staff will need to work in the future – how mobile should they be
  •         Don’t imagine that everyone will see things as you do
  •         Do plan to train and train again – to get the most out of your investment
  •         Don’t assume that change will be painless
  •         Do look for some early wins to gain buy-in
  •         Don’t allow the leadership team to shirk its responsibility to enthusiastically back the project
  •         Do get your hands dirty – this is a tool : you learn by using it

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