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Mentoring Services

It’s lonely at the top. You cannot always feel free to discuss everything with your fellow partners or colleagues. We provide a discrete mentoring service for senior lawyers. Our lead consultant, Ingemar, spent 14 years as an equity partner in a 230 staff law firm, ran a department of 60 and since setting up HCL has worked with about 400 law firms and businesses. This is a service offered only by Ingemar.

We will want to have a no-obligations free meeting first to check there is a good fit between you and Ingemar and that both are clear on what is required. We will tailor to what you need. The discussions tend to be remote, by phone or zoom. An example for one client: we had a scheduled phone call for half an hour on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 7.45-8.15am. Then there might be follow up to hold the mentoree to account – if that approach is agreed, of course.

(Please note that this is mentoring – in which the mentor may make suggestions for solutions and strategies. That is quite different from Business Coaching. Should you want Business Coaching, please ask.)

Feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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