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New Staff Handbook

A Staff Handbook - this complements the Office Procedures Manual and gives staff something more appropriate to their level in the organisation - containing compliance policies and procedures at their level.

Whilst you may have an Office Procedures Manual – that deals with policies, procedures an regulatory requirements from a firmwide perspective. Most staff will struggle wading through the detailed content and extracting what is relevant to them. What about something that works for all staff at the staff level and would be helpful to new starters? This is what the Staff Handbook addresses.

It is divided into 2 sections:

  1. a) the more formal part dealing with relevant policies, procedures and compliance at the staff level
  2. b) the appendices which hold specific documents, examples and processes particular to certain practice areas or staff within the firm

This is a project with a one-off charge payable up front.

What we will do

Hold a discussion with you to determine your particular requirements, send you a first draft based upon this and incorporating documents you have sent to us. Then finally we will carry out a revision on the basis of the feedback. We will send you a list at the start of what is required.

All work is carried out remotely. Unless by separate arrangement.

Our Chargers

£500 + VAT

Please Click Here for a Downloadable PDF Version.

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