Remote install of a Case Management System

We have carried out remote installs of Case Management Systems for years, but obviously all implementations during the covid lockdown have been remote. So what typically happens? Firstly – there’s no such thing as a typical implementation – each is unique and tailored to the needs of the firm. However, what generally happens is this:

  1. Project Planning Meeting

An initial conversation to scope the project. (Please note that we do not get involved in the selection and purchase process – that’s up to the client firm.) We will find out about the firm: people, offices, practice areas, aims and goals, drivers for the business, reason for getting the system. We will discuss how the firm will have the system installed or access it, which staff are to be trained on how to use it, the structure of the training, scheduling and our fees. If there is to be a migration of data we will discuss this, explain and schedule. This will be confirmed in an email, containing details of what we need, a Contract to cover our trading relationship (unless there is one in place already) and an Order to scope the terms for this job. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a long-terms relationship. There would be a separate Order for each further job upon which we are instructed. (Please see here for a link to our other services.)

  1. Information from the client firm

Preparatory Information comes from the client firm, together with the signed Contract and Order to confirm the booking - or we chase it in giving more guidance and assistance if necessary.

3. Installations where necessary

Remote installation on computers (if required). We will schedule when to remote in. We use a programme called Mikogo, but also use Zoom. We will also initially check to make sure the computers are up to spec to work with the system - if the clients haven't yet checked.

4. Data Migration

If there has been a migration of data, we will check this and forward reports to the client. We will highlight and variances and ask them to have a look at them and come back with any questions.

  1. Setting up template letters & invoice

We will set up a template letter and invoice, based upon the example and instructions given by the firm. It will help them use the system more efficiently. We will forward them to the firm for approval.

  1. Training

We will invite those to be attending each training session to our computer, but logged into their system. As the systems we work with are cloud-based, that presents no issue. We simply log into their data set. If some of the participants do not have a microphone and speaker on their computer, we can use a free conference calling app so as many participants as wish can attend via their mobile, should they prefer.

  1. How we train

When training we will look at processes and train accordingly – rather than just running through the buttons. We will train in context to the practice areas. As our principal consultant, Ingemar, spent 24 years in practice as a solicitor, covering all levels up to equity partner, Board member and Department Head, we have a deep understanding of what goes on in legal practice. We will also flag up how to use the system for compliance (click here for a link to our Compliance Support Packages). Finally, we have a strong focus on the commercial aspect. You will want to get maximum return on your investment in the system. So, not only do you want to be well trained, but we will point out how you may use it to cut the cost of production and enhance the level of service to your clients.

  1. Aftercare

We will be happy to hear from you afterwards if you have questions. If they are quick to solve, we will do so. If it will involve more substantial amounts of time and investment, we will outline what needs to be done and quote. We welcome the ongoing contact from our clients. We want to help them thrive and grow. We have implemented new Case Management Systems into over 300 law firms and in-house legal departments covering all practice areas, private and Legal Aid.

Please contact us if you would like more information: [email protected] or 07887 524507

"We at Spires Legal wholeheartedly recommend Ingemar and his team at Hunnings Consultancy Ltd. Ingemar has supported us throughout our journey from new start up to established firm. It is refreshing to have a consultant that takes the time to understand your business and its priorities, stands by your side as it develops and is flexible in approach as your needs change.
The feedback we have from our team, and which we regularly hear from others is that Ingemar is an insightful and knowledgeable trainer who is comprehensive yet engaging in his approach. Still unsure? Five minutes on the phone with Ingemar and you will be sold on how much value he can add to your business!"

Arj Arul - Director at Spires Legal

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