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Review of Staff Usage of your CMS

You’ve invested in a Case Management System. You want to make sure that you get the best out of that investment. We offer to carry out a remote review of usage and produce a report.

We have worked with over 350 Law Firms, in-house Legal Departments and other Professional Service firms on their Case Management Systems. Normally our review will show that there are areas for improvement which can add to efficiency, which can add to profit. We will also flag up if it appears that it is being used for compliance – as far as we are aware of your processes.

An example: we carried out this review for a firm of 13 staff. We identified from the remote review at least £80,000 of time savings that could be made from improved use of the Case Management System. More became apparent when they subsequently invited us to spend some time with them on site training and advising further.

This is a project with a one-off charge payable up front.

What we will do

A remote review of the usage of your Case Management System. Provision of a written report by email. This will take about an hour of our time. You will need to give us the login details of a user so we may log in remotely. Also you must tell us when we can do this without causing you disruption.

Our Charges

£175 + VAT

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss our other services.

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