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SQE & QWE – Replies from the SRA to Questions we raised after one of our free webinars on the SQE

Here are answers to questions raised at a recent webinar Ingemar Hunnings ran for Aspiring Solicitors about the SQE & QWE. These have come from the SRA. We hope they will be helpful.

1. Do you have anything that sets out the format of each exam and the expected plan for the day. For example, SQE 1 is 10 hours – it that over 1 day or two, how will the day run etc

We are planning to launch a website shortly which will have all the information on it. It will also have the booking system on it. I understand that the website will launch soon, but I don’t have a date from IT as to when it will go live. The booking system will go live a few weeks after that.

In the interim, we have published this information to help candidates plan for the assessments. This information will be moved to the new website, and at that point we may have more details and may expand it.



2. Does one have to take the exams in sequence SQE1 first & passed before you can take the SQE2?

Yes – SQE1 has to be taken and passed before sitting SQE2.

The other steps to qualification (degree or equivalent, QWE) can be done in any order, and can be done before, during or after taking the SQE assessments


3. QWE – does the Confirming Solicitor have to have a current practicing certificate?

No, they do not need to hold a current practising certificate. That is because, as they are still on the Roll of Solicitors, we can still enforce the principles of professional ethics which apply to solicitors when they confirm QWE, such as honesty and integrity. Our website confirms that they do not need to hold a current practising certificate at https://www.sra.org.uk/trainees/qualifying-work-experience/qualifying-work-experience-candidates/

4. May an aspiring solicitor self-study for the SQE 1 & 2 – if so, can you point me to any materials that would help them

Our list of providers includes publishers of self-study materials. The publishers listed include Bloomsbury, City Law Series, Oxford University Press and Routledge. We don’t keep details of what they are publishing – candidates should contact them direct for details.

5. Is there a url you may point me to where aspiring solicitors may go to register for the exams (with Kaplan I assume). Do they pay through that as well?

That will be on the new website. The best way candidates can get notification is to subscribe to the SQE Update alerts, which will send them notification when booking live. The new website will also handle payment.

6. Overseas exam centres – I believe that Pearson Vue centres will be viewed, but I cannot find any detail on the SRA websites on this or how or where oversees aspiring solicitors can go to check this and book a centre (important as they may have to travel a long way still to get to a centre

Kaplan are still finalising venues with Pearson Vue. Currently, we know that the UK venues are planned to include London, Cardiff and Manchester, but we don’t yet have any details on the overseas venues. As soon as we have the details, we will publish them, and they will be listed on the new website. All the information we currently have is set out at https://www.sra.org.uk/students/sqe/sqe-assessments/#collapse_01fd

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