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QWE – Email from SRA on how you may register your QWE with the SRA

As you know we are in close contact with the SRA over the new SQE and how the QWE (Qualifying Work Experience) will work. Very kindly they have given us an advance copy of the email they intend to send out to Aspiring Solicitors on how to Register their QWE with them. 

Below is a copy of that email:

“This is a copy of the proposed email we intend to send to trainees undertaking qualifying work experience. It outlines what will be required of them when they come to register their qualifying work experience.

“The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) will be introduced on 1 September 2021. From this date, everyone looking to qualify through the SQE route must complete at least two years’ full time (or equivalent) qualifying work experience (QWE).

You can find out what counts as QWE on our candidate pages.

We cannot confirm whether the work experience you have is sufficient. The decision as to whether you have met the requirement will ultimately rest with the solicitor providing sign off.

You can register all your QWE in one go or in stages if you are gaining it in more than one placement. Please remember you can only register QWE in up to four organisations.  

You will need to complete a separate application for each period of QWE you register.

Read our guidance for Registering your qualifying work experience. This link outlines the different sections of the formal application and what they include.

What you need to do

You will need to make your application by applying online in mySRA.  

First you will need to create an account. If you already have a mySRA account, you will need to log in.  

In your mySRA account you will need to:

  • click on Start a new application
  • select Notify us of your qualifying work experience
  • download the form on the Getting Started page
  • complete sections 1 and 2.

When you have completed sections 1 and 2, you will need to email the form to your confirming solicitor or COLP so that they can complete section 3.  We have guidance for those who are confirming your experience if needed.  

To submit the application:

  • log back in to your mySRA account
  • click on Start a new application
  • select Notify us of your qualifying work experience
  • click Start Application to upload the application
  • tick the declaration and Submit.

If you cannot see ‘Notify us of your qualifying work experience’ when you are ready to submit, please check in ‘My individual applications and documents’ instead. The application may have moved into drafts.

There is no fee for this notification.

We aim to let you know that we have registered your QWE within 30 days of receiving your notification.  

Subscribe to alerts letting you know when we publish our latest SQE update bulletin.

If you have any further queries please Contact us.


We are always trying to improve how we help people, and so your feedback is important to us.

Please complete our survey. It should take you less than five minutes to complete.

Please be aware we cannot directly respond to any survey responses.

If you have queries, you can contact us. ”

How Can We Help?

There is quite a lot of resource for Aspiring Solicitors about the SQE & QWE on this website.

For information about the SQE see here: https://www.hunningsconsultancy.co.uk/the-new-sqe-exam-and-qualification-method/

Should you not have a solicitor who can sign off your QWE then WE CAN HELP. Here’s a link to how: https://www.hunningsconsultancy.co.uk/external-qwe-certification-service-2/

Here is information on SQE Training Providers with their current charges for the training: https://www.hunningsconsultancy.co.uk/sqe-training-providers/

Contact us: Ingemar Hunnings: 07887 524507 or ingemar@hunningsconsultancy.co.uk

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