SQE - Exams Dates

The SRA have published the dates for the SQE exams. You will need to register with Kaplan by the deadline to obtain your candidate number and pay your fee to be able to sit each exam. SQE1 & SQE2 written exam will take place at Pearson VUE test centres in the UK and internationally. The SQE2 oral exam will take place in Cardiff, London & Manchester.

See below for the link to the main SRA website  to register & book the SQE.

(External QWE Confirmation Service - see below for info)

General Info

Bookings will close approximately five weeks before the assessment sitting.

They expect results to be published within 6 - 10 weeks of the exam.

SQE1 involves around ten hours of examinations, while SQE2 is around 14 hours.

SQE1 is sat over two full days and tests you on your legal knowledge.

SQE2 is sat over five half days and tests you on the application of that knowledge and your skills to real life scenarios.

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(Here is a link to our YouTube channel. On there you will find many videos explaining about the SQE, QWE and applying for exemptions from the exams. Also full videos of webinars we have delivered with info about this & the Q&A session that follows the talk. If you think this might be helpful, might we invite you to subscribe so it reaches more people?)

Exam Dates

SQE 1:



Results due: 14th March 2024.


FLK1: week commencing 15th July

FLK2: week commencing 22nd July

Bookings open - 10th April 2024 (10am)

Bookings close - 22nd May 2024 (5pm)

Results due: 10th September 2024.



FLK1: week commencing 13th January 2025

FLK2: week commencing 20th January 2025

Bookings open - 1st October 2024 (10am)

Bookings close - 14th November 2024 (5pm)

Results due: 11th March 2025.

General Pattern: It would appear that the SQE1 exams will be sat either in January or July each year. It looks like the exams will be run on 2 occasions a year.

The Candidate Services Team will only be able to help candidates with queries relating to booking if they are logged in to their candidate account. To book a place, candidates must have first completed the registration and pre-booking processes. If they need any reasonable adjustments they should make the request as early as possible as part of their pre-booking steps.

How? Here is a link to the SRA web page for Booking & Paying: https://sqe.sra.org.uk/registering-and-booking/booking-assessments

Where? Pearson VUE locations (UK & internationally).

SQE 2:

You only need to attend one of the oral assessments, which, subject to availability, you can choose.



Results due: 20th February 2024



Results due: 29th May 2024


Bookings dates: opened 10th January 2024 at 10am, close 25th March 2024 @ 5pm.

Overall the exams run from 30th April & finishing 17th May 2024.


The written assessments take place 30th April - 2nd May 2024 in the Pearson VUE centres.


The oral assessments will be in Cardiff, London & Manchester.

First sitting: 7th-8th May, Second sitting: 9th-10th May, Third sitting: 14th-15th May and Fourth sitting: 16-17th May 2024.

Results due: 28th August 2024


Bookings dates: opened 24th April 2024 at 10am, close 19th June 2024 @ 5pm.

Overall the exams run from 31st July & finishing 15th August 2024.


The written assessments take place 13th - 15th August 2024 in the Pearson VUE centres.


The oral assessments will be in Cardiff, London & Manchester.

First sitting: 31st July-1st August, Second sitting: 6th-7th August and Third sitting: 8th-9th August 2024.

Results due: 26th November 2024


Bookings dates: opened 10th July 2024 at 10am, close 18th September 2024 @ 5pm.

Overall the exams run from 23rd October & finishing 7th November 2024.


The written assessments take place 5th - 7th November 2024 in the Pearson VUE centres.


The oral assessments will be in Cardiff, London & Manchester.

First sitting: 23rd-24th October, Second sitting: 29th-30th October and Third sitting: 31st October-1st November 2024.

Results due: 20th February 2025



Bookings dates: opened 16th October 2024 at 10am, close 12th December 2024 @ 5pm.

Overall the exams run from 30th January & finishing 13th February 2025.


The written assessments take place 11th - 13th February 2025 in the Pearson VUE centres.


The oral assessments will be in Cardiff, London & Manchester.

First sitting: 30th-31st January, Second sitting: 4th-5th February and Third sitting: 6th-7th February 2025.

Results due: 28th May 2025

The SRA asked candidates to ensure that they followed steps 1 and 2 in their SQE candidate account. Candidates should refer to My SQE overview within their account for full details and explanation. If you need a reasonable adjustment you do not need to wait to contact Kaplan.)

Here is the url to book your assessment via the SRA website: https://sqe.sra.org.uk/registering-and-booking#heading_01fd

Oral Assessment Locations:

Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel and Spa
24 26 Newport Rd, Cardiff CF24 0DD

Royal College of General Practitioners
30 Euston Square, London NW1 2FB

Macdonald Hotel
London Road, Manchester M1 2PG


2 attempts in addition to the original attempt. All the resits have to be taken within 6 years of the initial attempt. You may resit the SQE 1 Functioning Legal Knowledge assessment 1 and/or SQE Functioning Legal Knowledge assessment 2 and/or SQE 2. You’ll have to pay the whole fee for the exam you’re sitting. After 3 attempts you have start again. Our understanding is that is that you will have to sit everything again as if starting from the beginning.

Link to further info: https://sqe.sra.org.uk/exam-arrangements/results-and-resits

The main SRA site for registering & booking the SQE Exams is here:


Here's a link to further info about how to register for the SQE: https://www.hunningsconsultancy.co.uk/sqe-registration-bookings-now-open/


External QWE Confirmation service

We have blogged extensively about QWE and invite you to visit some of the blogs. URLs are listed below.

Should you not have a solicitor who can 'Confirm' your QWE then WE CAN HELP.

Here’s a link to our External Solicitors Confirmation Service: https://www.hunningsconsultancy.co.uk/external-qwe-certification-service-2/

For information about the SQE see here:  https://www.hunningsconsultancy.co.uk/the-new-sqe-exam-and-qualification-method/

For information about Training Providers: https://www.hunningsconsultancy.co.uk/?s=sqe+training

SQE2 Exemption Applications

We have also helped many people with this. Here is a link to more info about this (only available to Foreign Qualified Solicitors)

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