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Bespoke Compliance Support from HCL

Compliance Support - HCL can bespoke the compliance support you need to your requirements

Although you will see we have a number of Packages for the Compliance Support (please refer to the ‘Services’ drop down menu above), we are happy to discuss with you bespoking to what you need. It seems to be true that most people prefer to buy packages – perhaps because they are easier to understand. However, we recognise that in many situations the terms of the package may not exactly suit what you want. So, please contact us to discuss. We can then work out together what you need and how we may best meet those requirements. Contact us on 07887 524507 or at compliance@hunningsconsultancy.co.uk.

Please see the separate pages for our Packages or click on the hyperlinks below. Please contact us on  07887 524507 or by email at: compliance@hunningsconsultancy.co.uk

  1. Compliance Review & Updating Service – OPM
  2. Staff Handbook
  3. Monthly COFA & COLP Review Service
  4. Client Care Letter Review
  5. AML Policy Review Package
  6. AML Policy& Firmwide Risk Assessment Review
  7. Transparency Rules & GDPR Review
  8. Lexcel Accreditation Applications
  9. CQS Accreditation Applications
  10. SQM Accreditation Applications
  11. How LEAP can help you with your Compliance
  12. Accounts Policy
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